Jeff Evans

Jeff Evans, Ph.D.
Leadership Development

Find out why Chevron, the Gap, General Dynamics, and others have Jeff Evans traveling the globe to speak on leadership and transformational change.

Change, leadership, and inspiration. Most people think that you have to be born to lead. The truth is, everyone is born to lead. This secret is in knowing how to tap that part of yourself on command, in any situation. Look for your audience to leave with these things:

  • At least one "ahha" that will be useful from the moment they walk out of the room.
  • An eye-opening adventure that explains many things about relationships - both work and personal - that may have seemed to be complete mysteries before.
  • Simple methods of leadership that apply at the top of the largest corporations as well as in a team in the smallest.
  • Jeff's message is to leaders in all walks of life. Disconnecting leadership from positional authority, he instead talks about leading as a passion –as inspiration – that actually creates our personal authority to lead. More than anything else leadership is about who we are and how others experience us. Each of has the innate capability to lead through the heart as well as the head. His work will amuse, enthuse, and inspire you to find your highest path.

    Professional Background

    Jeff has been a key presenter at numerous conferences in the areas of leadership or change, organization development, and large-scale change methodologies. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees in education and social sciences, including a Ph.D. in Educational Human Resource Development from Texas A&M. He completed a 3 Year Post-Graduate track in organization development at the Gestalt Institute inCleveland and has done post-doctoral work in behavioral systems, organizations, the psychology of group dynamics, and emotional intelligence. He is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Master Practitioner in NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP). He has developed and taught extension courses through UC Berkeley’s College of Business in Systems Thinking, Managing Change, and Consulting Skills. Add to that experience as an industrial fire-fighter and ratings as a commercial pilot and flight instructor and you have a rich tapestry of experience that can find an edge with any audience.

    During his professional career, Jeff has coached leaders of some of the largest corporations in the world, many of whom lead global organizations spanning over 100 counties. He has also consulted on new organization designs and startups, large group change methodologies, and joint ventures and alliances in international and global settings. While he currently focuses on executive coaching, his client base has ranged from international executive teams to manufacturing management teams in retail, manufacturing, information technology, telecommunications, research and development, as well as oil and gas exploration.

    Speaking Topic Samples

    Best-selling author of Inspirational Presence: The Art of Transformational Leadership (Morgan-James, 2009) and co-author of the book Ten Tasks Of Change (Jossey/Bass-Pfeiffer, 2001), he is also the founder and owner of Envision Global Leadership, a leadership development and coaching firm. He has spent the past 20 years supporting executives around the world through transformational change. While his work is grounded in theory and best practice he writes and speaks to real people with the intention of being clear, practical, and useful.

    Here is what some have said about Jeff Evans:

    "Jeff Evans looks well beyond the tools, processes and behaviors of leadership to the deepest roots of the spirit of leadership... of truly being a leader in ones heart and soul. He taps into the elements of human nature and psychology common to all cultures past and present to arrive at the essence of a state of mind of transformational leadership that can enable each of us to accomplish great things."

    Gilles (Jeal) A. Eberhard
    General Manager, Strategy and Planning
    Global Downstream Information Technology
    Chevron Corporation

    "Inspirational Presence, The Art of Transformational Leadership is timely and relevant at a time when organizations are desperately looking for ways to adapt and survive. Jeff Evans offers an essential roadmap to navigate in the new globally interconnected world, by deeply probing into the higher ground that defines and guides the successful leader and organization."

    Mark B. Glick
    Director of Economic Development
    Office of Hawaiian Affairs

    Clients include:

    • Airtouch
    • Aramco (Saudi Arabia)
    • Caltex Corporation
    • Chevron Information Technology Company
    • Chevron Overseas Production (Scotland)
    • Chevron Research and Technology Company
    • Chevron/Phillips Chemicals
    • Chevron Corporation
    • Chevron Products Co.
    • Chevron Shipping Company
    • Clorox
    • The Gap, Inc.
    • General Dynamics - Advanced Information Systems
    • Los Alamos National Laboratories
    • Media One Group
    • Oronite Chemicals
    • P & M Coal
    • Pedavesa Oil Co joint venture (Venezuela)
    • Saudi/Chevron Chemical Company (Saudi Arabia)
    • Stillwater Sciences