About Jeff Evans

My Experience

Jeff Evans, Ph.D. I am CEO of Envision Global Leadership, Inc., a leadership development and organization development consulting firm focused on change navigation. I have been working with large-scale organization change as an internal and external consultant. This work has included e-commerce ventures, new organization designs and startups, and joint ventures and alliances in international and global settings. My background can best be described as eclectic. This diverse experience provides a rich context in my engagements as a consultant, executive coach, and speaker.

My Ph.D. is in Educational Human Resource Development, and I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in education and social sciences. My research background has ranged from using instruments such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in corporations to the social phenomenon of the witch trials. In addition to that, I have done post-doctoral work in behavioral systems, organizations, and the psychology of group dynamics. I completed a 3-year postgraduate training track in Organization and Systems Development through the Gestalt Institute in Cleveland and NeruoLinguistic Programming (NLP) through the Gestalt Institute of New Orleans. I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and have done additional training in working with past lives, and am Reiki practitioner. I followed a passion for aviation and am a Commercial Pilot - Airplane Single & Multi Engine Land – Instrument and Flight Instructor (Airplane) Single & Multi Engine Land and Ground Instructor (Airplane) - Advanced & Instrument.

Writing has always been a part of my life. I'm author of the recent #1 bestseller Inspirational Presence - the art of transformational leadership and co-author of The Ten Tasks of Change (Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, 2000) as well as articles in the field of organization development. I am a frequent presenter at professional conferences such as the Organization Development Network, International Society for Performance Improvement, and American Society for Training and Development and taught change management and systems and strategic thinking for in the school of business for U.C. Berkeley extension.

Some of my recent projects:

  • A company redesign and implementation of a global shipping company in which they moved to shore-side teams for chartering and maintenance of a large fleet of ships.

  • A company strategic redirection and redesign of a U.S. based retail marketing business in which they moved from traditional sales channels to market based hubs, central support centers, and a strong series of vendor alliances enabled through e-business.

  • A company level technology and reengineering effort around business processes and infrastructure. This required working with a very decentralized and diverse business by implementing a matrixed organization, cross-business decision processes, and IT governance.

  • A plant level redesign of a 500 person manufacturing plant to empowered team-based structures. The redesign enhanced product quality, employee satisfaction, and reduced costs.

  • A business unit design of operating processes within an international joint venture. Five major companies were involved, as well as bi-lingual operating practices. The project created standardization and addressed crucial business areas of project management and design processes.

  • A company level redesign and implementation of a chemicals manufacturing company in which they transitioned from a traditional functional organization to strategic business units with centralized support structure.

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