"With the Ten Tasks approach we made a huge leap in capability."

"With the "Ten Tasks" approach we found out how to combine leadership vision, workforce engagement and process change into one comprehensive system. With it we made a huge leap in capability with a manageable level of disruption. We have since decided to apply this system on another technology application, which should indicate it's value to our organization."

Dave Reeves, Vice President, Chevron Products Company

"Individuals at every level of the organization will benefit from the clear concepts."

"Bridges the theory and practice of organizational change. Individuals at every level of the organization will benefit from the clear concepts outlined in this book."

Dr. Elizabeth Thach, Professor, School of Business, Sonoma State University

"Delivers as advertised."

"Delivers as advertised. Use this book as a guidebook and understand these tasks, and organizational change will be better understood, and more importantly, achieved."

Kevin Eikenberry, president, Discian Group

"An easy, pragmatic approach."

"Organizations are changing rapidly and unpredictably and such change has now become the norm for successful companies. Ten Tasks Of Change: Demystifying Changing Organizations provides managers and owners with a whole-systems approach to handling and modeling changes, using a basic foundation of planning and managing work to help changes take place smoothly. Chapters provide an easy, pragmatic approach to achieving the basics tasks of the framework presented by the authors."

Midwest Book Review

"Demystifies change processes."

"Will be particularly useful to managers and executives. Demystifies change processes by framing them as work tasks. A useful addition to the change literature."

Edwin C. Nevis, consultant, author, president of Gestalt International Study Center

"An excellent and multifaceted tool for anyone dealing with change."

"Jeff Evans and Chuck Schaefer have created an excellent and multifaceted tool for anyone dealing with change - which reads like a road-guide but is not prescriptive. I am already using it... This easy-to-use book (has) a unique approach that provides any user with a simple and effective methodology that is clear and concrete, and at the same time avoids the danger of being "cookie cutter" in application. The authors have done a remarkable job anchoring this approach in well researched and time tested theories, without overwhelming the user in the academics... in a wonderfully effective yet simple framework... Thanks for capturing the approach that I have felt has been missing thoughout my 20 year career... in a clear and understandable form (I am glad someone finally wrote the book - and I wouldn't change a thing)!"

Bill Zybach, Business Process Manager, Office of the Chief of Technology Officer, Office of the Mayor, Washington, DC

"A must read for anyone leading organizational change work."

"The 'Ten Tasks of Change' is a must read for anyone engaging and leading organizational change work."

Adrienne Seal, Senior Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, The Clorox Corporation

"Logical, concrete, realistic steps."

"By peeling off the change jargon, the authors allow the reader to understand what needs attention and to practice logical, concrete, realistic steps to accomplish organizational change."

Gerald V. Miller, President, Gerald V. Miller Associates

"An ideal book to simplify every leader's most complex issue: change."

"Much has been written about organizational change. The ability for an organization to successfully change and sustain the change is a key differentiator today's competitive world. I found this book was "manager friendly". I could quickly review the "Points to Remember" and "Common Trip Points" as listed in each task to ensure our team was focused on the right things. The Ten Tasks of Change is an ideal book to simplify every leader's most complex issue: change.

Don Langewisch, Performance Systems Manager, ChevronTexaco Corporation
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