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How To Use This Book

The Ten Tasks of Change represent ten units of work that must be undertaken in any change process, even for an individual. Learning them and using them to evaluate the system gives an idea of the magnitude of the overall work required.

All changes require all Ten Tasks to be completed. They just occur in larger or smaller amounts.

Often an executive faces a change and needs to get clear on the areas of focus required to successfully lead the change. The Ten Tasks of Change illustrates structures and critical areas of focus to help an executive plan their activities and involvement in creating a fast and effective change.

The Ten Tasks of Change gives an overall framework and guide to the important units of work involved in a change project. They will find it as an important scoping guide and planning. Structurally, you can read the first and last sections of each chapter and get a high level guide to how to operate going through the change.

Change Practitioners can get a detailed guide to navigating a large scale high participation change effort by studying this book. It is an integrated framework, including theory, methodology, and methods to support change efforts.

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