Radio Interviews

Leadership Consultant Shares Simple Steps to Success

Author of Inspirational Presence tells your audience:

• How to create success in your life

• What simple tool makes change easy to handle

• Techniques corporate executives use to lead thousands of people that work just as well for anyone.

• Three steps to becoming a leader that anyone can use

• The keys to working with and avoiding resistance from others

• Why leaders most often fail

• Why EQ matters more than IQ

• What social skills make the biggest difference to leaders

• Controversies about leadership

...and much more

Most change efforts fail because of improper leadership

In the corporate world most change efforts never deliver the results that people expected. This costs companies millions of dollars and untold stress on employees.

Most of these failures are a result of particular styles of leadership and can be avoided. In fact, proper leadership can create effective change faster and cheaper than most change methodologies.

Social Skills work at the top

Current research shows that technical skills relate to 90% of success at entry level jobs, but interpersonal skills relate to 90% of success at the highest level jobs.

Boss doesn't mean leader

Many people equate the position of manager or executive with being a leader. In truth, it simply gives them the responsibility to lead. Many never ever lead. Most real leaders in the world have no formal authority at all, and people follow them willing.

Power matters, but not like you might think

There are two types of power: positional and personal. Of the two, most people think that positional makes all the difference. However, personal power makes more difference in created an engaged and committed workforce.

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