Inspirational Presence

The Art of Transformational Leadership

In this #1 best-selling book author Jeff Evans, Ph.D. guides you expertly to the highest form of leadership –  transformational.

Leadership today requires a shift from the traditional styles of the past to a more integrative and inspirational style, designed to support change and maintain stability.

If  you are ready to take your leadership abilities to the next level, this is the book for you.

Leaders Impact Our Lives

The literature on Leadership is vast an extensive.  Much of the time the skills of leadership are mixed with the skills of management, and leadership is presented more as a personnel competency, focusing on delegation, communications, and performance management.  While these are quite important, they confuse the difference between leading a work process and leading people.

Within the realm of leadership there are two major categories:  transactional and transformational.  While transactional is about getting people to engage a process or work stream, transformational is about getting people to engage an idea.  Further to that, inspirational leadership is about getting people to engage that idea through their hearts.

The most profound and sustainable way this happens is through the compelling presence of a significant figure in people’s lives.  This person has something that you can feel, that you can sense in your body, that causes you to open up and listen.  This magic is Inspirational Presence.

This book is an overview of the mechanics of presence, and who a leader puts this out in groups of people to create positive and aspirational movement.  The Five Competencies outline the major areas of skill, and the Four Forces of Change provide a framework to understand the mechanics.

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