4.6 The Power of Saying NO


    EGL Newsletter Volume 4.6

    I begin today with another reference to the Law of Attraction. Just a refresher, this law states that whatever we think about, believe, and focus our energy on is what we create for our lives. While we could spend a good deal of time going into the mechanics of how that works, we will leave that to the hundreds of other works over the centuries of literature on the subject. For our purposes, it is more important in our daily practice of life to know how to use it.

    One thing that I most try to stress to people is that the Law of Attraction is not something that you learn about and then can start using. Just as with any law, it is operating whether we know it or not, whether we believe it or not, whether we use it or not. We are realizing the effects of our thoughts each and every moment of our lives. Where our choice comes in is whether or not we take responsibility for those thoughts. This is the power of intention.

    When we talk about goal setting from the highest perspective, we tend to talk mostly about what we want and how we are going to get it. That is very important, and required to be able to attain anything. As we know from studying the systems theory of the interaction of any organism in its environment, there are always things that the organism wants (goals), and things that organism wants to avoid (noxiants). People are the same way. We want to get as much of the good stuff in life as we can and avoid as much of the bad stuff (however we each define those).

    It is not very powerful to write a goal statement from a place of avoidance, as in “I don’t want to overreact”, or “I want to stop eating cookies”, or “I don’t want to lose money in the stock market”. It is incredibly powerful to say what it is that you do want. We talk about this, in simple terms, as writing a goal in “towards” language rather than “away from”.

    At a deeper level, though, we humans have a continuous energetic exchange with the universe in which we are constantly training our subconscious as to what we really want in life. The Law of Attraction does not understand away from, only towards. As with all laws, there is no judgment or evaluation attached to the objects of our attention. In fact, the entire concept of goals and noxiants is a human concept, outside of what exists in nature. The Law of Attraction is much more simple than that. Anything that occupies our mental energy is expanded and brought into our life in greater quantities.

    With that, it becomes vitally important that we learn to say “No” to the things in life that do not fit our particular vision of how we want to exist in this life. A good friend of mine once said, “Until I hear and understand your ‘No’, your ‘Yes’ means nothing”. Take that to an energetic level, and begin to understand that you are constantly telling your subconscious where to focus energy. By saying “No” to the things in life that do not fit your path, you allow extra mindshare to dedicate to your heart-felt “Yes”.

    So, do yourself and everyone else a great service. If something in your life does not work, begin saying “No” to it. At the same time, find those parts of your life that most fit your highest purpose and align with your path and practice actively saying “Yes” to those things.

    The power of “No” is in defining boundaries. This is provides clarity and power to the every “Yes” that follows.

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