A Leader in Name Only


    You may have the title but do the people truly regard you as a genuine leader? By itself, the title of leader means a higher pay scale but little else.

    While organizations hire and promote people to lead, they are only figureheads until people choose to allow them the opportunity to lead.

    Ultimately, leaders only lead groups if the people give them the personal authority to do so. Leadership is a trust relationship between humans. It is created out of a deep commitment of an individual to a passion and a direction.

    But the right type of leader can do so much

    The awesome power of inspirational presence begins to show itself when we realize how much we can influence the reality that we all experience. By managing our own thoughts and intentions, we shape what we notice in the world and from there, how much of that comes to us.

    We also have the same impact on others-our mere presence can impact the vision that other people have of the world and the aspirations that they hold from that point on.

    The more that we come from a place of deep inspiration, the more positive a difference we can make on others and on the world.

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