Appreciating the situation within an organization is more like a dialogue!


    It would be wise to understand the Appreciating the situation within an organization as a dialogue rather than as just a data-gathering exercise. Appreciating an organizational situation involves scanning at all levels of the system. People looking from different viewpoints will see different things.

    People who try to understand the situation within an organization will be working from their own unique experience of what is important to them and what they believe should be important to others. An executive may place more emphasis on the overall output and financials. People in a dicey situation may unconsciously emphasize security or quality of work life. Engineering groups may be more drawn to the technical possibilities than to the pragmatic realities. Marketers may experience the world more as a customer, rather than as an internal supplier. When you stir up all their information in the mixer of dialogue, you not only get richer realities, but you get the different parts beginning to listen to the whole.

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