Are You A Leader or a Controller?


    Real leaders in life know that they actually have very little control over the people in their organizations and even less regarding what goes on around and outside their organization.

    While they may be rightfully concerned with the stability and control of the situation, it is not about being controlling. It is about having an organization that is designed to provide its own control, without trying to control the people within it.

    The key to this approach is in recognizing and honoring choice in their engagement with people.

    Many people in authority positions have learned how to control others in certain scenarios, getting what they want because they can demand it.

    The belief in this approach is that power creates change in others, simply because we want it or we will it.

    The inspirational leader

    Inspirational leadership puts individual choice at the forefront. While you may choose a compelling direction for your life, there is no reason that others will follow it, except that they want to.

    As a leader, you want people to see the merit in your direction and then willingly choose to place their efforts in that direction. Leadership and change are inextricably coupled.

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