Attributes Of An Inspired Leadership


    Attributes Of An Inspired LeadershipA variety of reading materials try to throw a bit of light on the attributes of any inspired leadership. This is to allow people to clarify for themselves, especially those who are in similar positions or wish to embark on such a journey, some of the ways through which their leadership will be reviewed by others. The attributes of inspired leadership is a form of yardstick with which all true leaders are compared. For any particular leader to have all the attributes means that he or she is practicing genuine leadership. Anybody with a group of people following him or her can make a claim of being a leader but in reality, only a few of these people qualify to be referred to as leaders when the attributes of an inspired leadership are applied. An inspired leader is the one who has the ability to move his or her followers towards a certain targeted destination without exerting any kind of authoritative influence on them.

    There are four (4) major attributes that every inspired leadership should possess and they include:

    The leadership should be very strong but never be seen as using external force: With this attribute, all that is expected of a truly inspired leadership is that it should be focused trying to get each and every individual within the group to put in his or her maximum best in order to realize their goals. This, however, does not imply that people should be subjected to the use of force in order to get them to do what is expected of them. Being strong refers to the creation of an atmosphere that each and every individual within the group feels comfortable to work in and tries to do what is expected of him or her without being ordered. This implies that the goals of the group should be one that is engaging to help with the creation of a group that trusts, respects and treats each other equally.

    The leadership should be very asserting but not through aggressiveness: When a leader is said to be assertive then he or she helps to create an environment where there is positivity and strong belief in all the things that the group does. It is a system where people know what they are doing and are confident of the actions that they take together as a unified group. This is totally different from when the leadership style involves the use of an aggressive force to get people to side with whatever they seek to achieve. Doing that is a sure way to softly helping to drive the people who are following you away from one after the other. It is very essential for a leader to know the consequences of every action that the group takes by being very confident and positive in his or her beliefs but that does not serve as an avenue for the leader to use excessive force in trying to get his or her ideas and plans across to the people who are following him or her.

    The leadership should but very confident in the things that they do but should command people around: Being confident is a totally different proposition to when a person is said to be commanding. A confident leadership is the one that has a lot of technical know-how about what the group is really about and also has good interpersonal skills. Such leaders have a better and complete knowledge of everything that the group needs to do and help the members to work towards their goals with a lot of self-belief in their abilities. However, being confident in your beliefs does not necessarily mean that you should be commanding people as to what they have to do. Allow them to also make their own decisions and when they know that you believe in them, their confidence levels will also go up which all works in the favor of achieving the goals of the organization.

    A leadership that is driven by the inspiration of those working withinThis is also a major attribute of a true leadership system. The organization does not force people to put in their best but rather the people having realized the importance of the project that they have undertaken are always willing to put in all that they possibly can in order to achieve their aims. Such a leadership system is said to be buzzing with inspiration on all levels as people are able to connect very well with the goals that have been set.

    In a nutshell, you have learned of all the things or attributes of an inspired leadership system.

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