Change or Stay the Same?



    All companies face this issue. Do we change or do we stay the same?

    There is a dynamic inherent to all organizations called the change-stability dilemma. This means that the organization wants to both change and stay the same at the same moment.

    Every organization has the inherent capability to grow, adapt, and respond to changes in the environment. It also has the inherent capability to be stable and deliver the same things over and over.

    In most cases, an organization’s major charge is to be able to find a product or service that is of value in the world and then to produce that efficiently, reliably, and repeatedly for as long as there is sufficient return.

    Do leaders play safe?

    As you look at management literature through the lens of the change-stability dilemma, you will see that management techniques have been designed to teach managers how to use these systems to support the stability of the organization.

    Generations of effort have perfected these techniques, and most large organizations have really honed the ability to be stable, which allows them to succeed through reliable delivery.

    But can change occur and thus benefit the group while not losing the stability of the business?

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