Characteristics Of A Great Leader

    Characteristics of a great leader. To be a great leader is something that each and every individual seeks in life and it is very essential in the life of those who are after leadership roles in life. Each and every great leader has certain characteristics and these are the very fundamental things that help these people to succeed in a particular leadership role where many others had been found wanting. These characteristics are not inborn and therefore there is no substance of truth in the saying that those who grow to become great leaders had it in their system when they were born. The truth is that due to individual differences, each and every individual has his or her own frame of time within which he or she will begin to experience those urges. Some may have theirs very early in their lives whilst others too may experience theirs very late in their lives. It is therefore very inappropriate for a person to look at another as not having any leadership qualities simply because he or she has experienced his or her earlier than the other person.

    Although these characteristics of great leaders are noticeable, it is up to the individual involved to make sure that these characteristics are combined in an effective way to ensure that the total development of the individual concerned. There are four main characteristics that can be associated with every great leader and these are what makes a great leader different from any other leader. These characteristics are:

    •  Intent: This deals with what you desire to achieve at the end of everything. Your intention about something is what will drive or spur you on to reach new heights in whatever you set down to do. There are also two major ways through which you can properly and efficiently utilize your intentions. First and foremost, you should always ensure that you have a better understanding of what you intend to achieve. Secondly, you should also ensure that you regulate all your activities towards the desired goal or intended result. These two are very necessary for how things work out in our daily lives even though a lot of people do not realize. A clear example is having it in your mind that something will go terribly wrong with activity and patiently waiting for it to happen. Believe it or not but more often such things always do come true and it all comes down to what your intentions were and how you regulated all your energy towards such a thing happening. However, it is not advisable to always be focusing on achieving certain targets without ensuring that you let those around you also know of what it is that you are striving for as doing that will lead to you being regarded as a psychopath.
    • Commitment: This refers to the amount of energy that you are willing to put into something in order to achieve your target. You might have identified something that you wish to achieve and then direct all your actions on achieving that but, without you showing that you are committed to what you want to achieve, it will always come to naught. It is therefore very essential to focus all your energy towards that target which you have set your intentions on achieving. All leaders who are seen as being great did so through their ability to focus all their energy on their intentions. If you are committed to achieving negative things then you should not be surprised when certain negative events happen. This, therefore, requires that if you wish to be a great leader you should be committed towards your intentions that are good for all.
    • Know when to say yes and when to say no: Whatever you endorse in your life or say yes to in life is a condition that you wish to be in and so you should be ready for whatever the outcome will be. When you continue doing something that you do not have any interest in doing, it simply means that you have said yes to that particular situation.  As a leader, it is also very important that you know when to say no with regards to being presented with a variety of options. What it means to know when to say yes and no is that you should be prepared to sacrifice certain things in order to achieve other important ones. When you are able to sacrifice some of your options in favor of those that will work in the interest of all members of the group, then you will be seen as being a great leader.
    • Empathize and integrate others: In order to become a great leader, it is also necessary to show a lot of emotional feelings towards what your followers are going through and to also make sure that you are able to include each and everyone within the group in what you seek to achieve.

    These are the characteristics of a great leader.

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