Collaboration: Enable Inspired Action Through Teams

    When leading a team, the leader must act with true collaboration. Teams must have access to up the minute information to enable them to take creative action with a sense of purpose towards their mission. On the organizational wheel, collaboration is placed in the south, related to the community of the organization. Vision, action and aspiration interact to create a dynamic tension of forward movement. When a team of people add their collective energy towards this shared mission, one can see the dynamics of the competency of collaboration. It gives the transformational leader a distinct advantage.

    The leader reduces the likelihood of the team wandering without focus and is effective in helping the team to place their energy and attention where it matters. It is essential to build trust and ensure all communications occur in settings that promote emotional safety for all.

    When a large number of people immerse in a vision the leader has the advantage of working with the Meta consciousness of the organization and gains a deepening of the vision. A good transformation leader is aware that the project will benefit enormously from the multiple perspectives and increased energy levels of the group, which multiply inspired action. “A small body of determined spirits, fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission, can alter the course of history” Mohandas Ghandi.

    In the “Leadership Pipeline”, the progression of a leader is charted as he shifts his thinking and values to allow him to support to other people’s success more than his own. It is personal growth that moves from dependant to independent and finally onto interdependence. When you can truly appreciate the contributions of others and turn your energy and focus towards their success, you have moved into the highest sphere of leadership.

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