Don’t Bring The Change Quietly In Your Organization



    Don’t Bring The Change Quietly In Your Organization Our worst vision of hell is created on a blank screen. Longstanding management practices have supported keeping things quiet until all the answers are clear. This practice is often implemented with the best intention to prevent anxiety in the workforce and to minimize the negative impacts of change. Our experiences, however, indicate that this practice actually increases the tension in an organization faced with change. People usually know that something is happening. However, the less they know, the more they worry.

    This dialogue process keeps the people who are less involved in the change up-to-date. The first sessions may consist of individuals venting their concerns and may even feel unproductive to those who want clear answers. Staying with the process will allow people to express their concerns properly and to understand fully where the change process is going and what the next steps are.

    Again, don’t bring the change quietly in your organization.

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