What Fully Brings People Towards The Change?


    What fully brings people towards the change? For organizations and the people who inhabit them, changing is choice, changing is work, and changing is learning. Guiding change in organizations, therefore, is not just the business of designing new technologies, structures, and behaviors and training people to use them. Guiding change has more to do with establishing the context within which people can really engage the needed changes, and the primary rule of thumb for that engagement was succinctly stated a long time ago by our colleague Frank Delaney in his paraphrase of an old axiom about communication:

    “Tell me—I may hear; I may remember.

    Show me—I may understand better.

    Involve me—I will take ownership; I will add value and be committed.”

    Change happens within organizations/businesses at all levels requiring leaders to be skilled in navigating the challenges of the change process. To be successful at guiding change, leaders must be able to break down barriers and build on the strengths of the team.  Leaders need to make the team feel safe and secure by addressing their fears and concerns. Great leaders do that by involving people in the change process, consulting them, listening to their ideas and making them part of the journey. It is much better to draw people into the story by making them active participants. Good change leaders make people visualize the positive aspect of a change and make the status quo seem unappealing. They are able to do this because they have the capacity to empathize and walk in their team members’ shoes. Good leaders know that it is not enough simply to tell people how you want them to change. No one wants to be told what to do.  You also need to put in place mechanisms that can help them to actually implement the new behaviors. 

    Significant change within companies requires much more than management.

    These tips are what fully brings people towards change.

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