Global Leadership – Decision Making & Approach to Authority

    It is difficult for leaders to establish if decisions have been made based on facts or feelings and intuitions. When we take cultural differences into the equation, it is even more so. Everyone makes decisions in their own unique way and different cultures multiply this vastness unless we take measures to understand these differences and master the strategies for decision-making, which will serve us universally.

    Things to consider:

    What do people see as data? Is it data or sensory experience? Are the information stories expressed by those important to them? Scientists and accountants view data differently and when you include cultural differences, the differences can be extreme. Know what someone is looking for and you can find the way to appropriately represent the situation.

    Understand the differences of peoples decision making strategies. The methods could include needing quiet time to reflect, time to verbalize and try out the decision; others like to respond to the decisions posed. The key is to practice your skills of empathy, step into their experience and see what it is like for them during this process. Ask questions about their processing system and try this method for yourself. You may even find a new better way of decision making for yourself.

    Approach to Authority:

    There are vast differences on the meaning of authority among different cultures. We could not fully understand the difference in authority between, for instance, Africa, Japan, China and the United States. We can only view and perceive the difference through our own experience of authority. It is important for global leaders to recognise that these differences are very significant and to be conscious of how we approach the differences. Learn all you can about the motivational aspects of others and enlist the help of others when needed, for full comprehension and effective global leading.

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