Good Leaders are Good Managers



    An inspirational leader can do a lot for the health and welfare of their colleagues. People need to be relaxed to be in their highest mental states and their most creative modes. The leader has an obligation to recognize and institute this.

    As an inspirational leader you can provide people with the opportunity to take risks and change their minds.

    You need to create an atmosphere of calm. People cannot effectively examine their core beliefs and assumptions from a place of fear. From this place of fear, they also tend to miss out on their creativity, as their thinking will likely be more limited when they do not have an element of trust available.

    Provide for basic needs and then some

    In the history of humankind the basic needs were safety, shelter, socialization, etc. Little has changed and these needs apply to the world of business today.

    But meeting our basic needs is only part of the story. We need to further develop to see the bigger picture and know there are more options.

    As an inspirational leader, we move into a different type of leadership. Rather than focusing on what people do and trying to manage effort, we manage group experience. Inspirational leadership is a practice of leading emotions and aspirations.

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