How To Organize Yourself And The Group That You Lead

    How to organize yourself and the group that you lead. Organizing oneself and the group as a leader has always presented its own problems. Many a time, leaders are found to be beating about the bush trying all that they possibly can to ensure that the group they lead is well organized in order to effectively and efficiently work towards achieving its goals.

    Iconic leaders like Jesus and Mohammed were very good at getting their followers well prepared and in shape that they were always ready for whatever situation they might be presented with. This is what made such leaders to be very successful and revered by all their followers. They knew what they were after by;
     Identifying the current conditions that they were living in
     Coming out with a clear future conditions that was far better than the current condition
     Setting out to achieve those goals with the most committed of followers

    When these three (3) things are done by any leader, he or she is almost halfway through to achieving whatever goals that have been set. The next important thing to keep in mind is that every group can achieve its goals and targets if and only if they are well organized by their leader.
    Organizing a group as their leader to ensure that they function and perform in a very efficient and collaborative manner requires the observance of three (3) main things. These three things are what will help you as a leader to organize the other members of your group.

    These three (3) things are;

    Role: For every organization to be able to move towards its desired targets in the most efficient way there is always the need for the identification of roles for each and every member of the group. Roles are the specific tasks or functions that each and every member of the group or organization is supposed to perform which when brought together leads to the unified progression of the group. Therefore, as a leader within an organization, it is very imperative to make sure that each and every individual member of the group knows of his or her roles. This does not mean that you should be ordering them around just to make sure that they each perform what is expected of them. It is widely known that each and every individual has his or her own strengths and weaknesses and what one person may be good at doing, another person might perform badly. Due to these people have certain areas where they can perform extremely well and it is up to you the leader to identify the various roles that each person within the organization can perform and assign him or her to that task. It is only when people are given tasks or roles that they are good at what they can put in their best.

    Get to know of the system:  Getting to know of the same requires you the leader to be very conversant with the various activities that go on within the organization. This is also referred to as being able to identify the process or the product of the organization. Your ability to realize the various processes involved in the smooth running of the organization is also one of the main things that you need to in order to properly organize the affairs of the group you are leading. Leaders with a better understanding of how things work within the organization are those who effectively coordinate the individual aspects of the group towards achieving the set goals. Knowing how every subgroup functions is a sure way to properly organizing them in order that each part will put in their best to help realize the
    the vision of the whole group.

    Be conscious of the values that guide the group or organization: The values of any group or organization are those things that guide whatever activity that they undertake. They are also seen as being the principles by which the organization or the group is run and they are therefore very essential to any group. As a leader, it is your duty to ensure that the group that you lead is fully aware and committed to the values and principles that guide the performance of every activity within that group. When the values are consciously adhered to by all and sundry then and only then can there be proper organization as each and every individual will always try to keep to the values and principles at work in that organization.

    These are the three (3) main things that a leader needs to know in order to properly organize the group that he or she leads.

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