How to Lead Yourself


    Before you can successfully lead others, you need to successfully lead yourself. More than anything else, this should become a practice throughout your life. Every thought and every action you make constitutes the whole of how you are defined as a leader.

    You need to become aware of what you are saying and doing. Once you become mindful of how you talk to yourself, you can understand that those words and emotions are a rehearsal for how you will talk to others.

    It simply requires noticing what is going through your mind and deciding whether that is the most appropriate view of the world at the time.

    You control your own destiny…

    In every given moment, you have the option of seeing the world through a loving and trusting lens or through one of fear and doubt. In every action you take, you have the choice of creating positive and creative situations or negative and destructive ones.

    Many of us behave a certain way through habit. The key is to be aware of how we are thinking and behaving. The basic difference between a habit and a practice is mindfulness.

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