How to Make People Change


    There are various ways to bring about change in people but forcing them to change has never been successful in the long run.

    Humans are not very good at intentionally and systematically changing other people’s beliefs, practices, or habits, particularly en masse in an organizational setting. At a fundamental level, the term managed change can be an oxymoron.

    Change in human systems is complex, but it still boils down to individuals deciding to change.

    We should take note of certain things that tend to be true about humans. It can be said that people do change, readily and often. People really don’t resist change itself; rather, in most situations they resist being changed from outside.

    People choose how they will accept change

    Clever people chose to resist pressure to change in a multitude of ways.

    There are two basic methods of bringing about change in others. The first is that which drives change from a perspective of imposition, and the second that which cultivates change from a perspective of collaboration.

    As a leader, where do you sit in the role of bringing about change? Collaboration is the method chosen by anyone interested in inspirational leadership.

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