Imagination is a huge aspect of bringing our vision into effect. Take time daily to imagine your vision playing out in different scenarios and situations. Looking through the lens of your vision, imagine all the important upcoming events in your life, what it looks like, add in the desired sounds, the feelings, the important people in your life and the conversations you will have with them when your vision is realized. Practice full-colour dress rehearsals of the result, imagining the impact it will have on the areas of life and people it will encompass.

    You can use your imagination to go to different future times seeing the impact of your vision. Each time you do this you can add to the experience and enhance the interactions and outcomes, ironing out any issues that could possibly arise.

    We are in the habit of rehearsing negative events that have already passed, going over arguments, mistakes and lost chances. We also spend time worrying about negative possibilities in the future when instead we could be using this valuable time to create a better future and ultimately a better present.

    Studies that have used imagination against actual practice have shown to prove that those who imagined practicing, for example there free throws in basketball, actually improved greater than those who physically practiced. Mental rehearsal allows you the freedom to choose how well you perform, naturally we would imagine performing excellently, never missing a shot. Physical practice would build a picture of having missed some and won some, including the mistakes made.

    This phenomenon also explains why people excel in one area over another. When someone is already successful in a certain area, the next endeavour can be imagined as successful also. This can also work in reverse, if someone sees themselves as very literate and able in their own language their egos may prevent them being illiterate whilst learning a new language. If we can overcome the limiting ego-created beliefs from our conditioning and imagine what it is we want to achieve with intention and passion, success is more readily available

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