Inspiration or Motivation


    Both are worthwhile in the area of leadership. But there is a clear difference between the two.

    Most of us have experienced the meeting or event that is filled with motivational techniques. We get the bright lights, loud music and the cheering from the stage. Invariably, these events will have us on our feet, clapping and making plenty of notes about what we will do next. These events can find resonance within us and spur us to action. This sort of energy definitely has its place.

    We Need Energy on Tap

    But what about the other times? What about the early mornings when no one else is around? What about the quiet places in the day when we are looking for something else or the next place to direct our attention and energy? These times call for inspiration, drawn from deep within ourselves. It is the energy that we pull up from our deepest, most connected places. It sustains us through good times as well as adversity.

    We find it possible to be motivated without inspiration following. It is impossible, however, to be inspired without it being followed by motivation. To be truly inspired demands action.

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