Inspirational Presence in Leadership

    What is Presence?

    Presence is that aspect within human beings that allow us to connect to each other. It is that which we sense, often before we even hear someone speak. Presence varies among individuals, some people have very strong presence and we feel it when they enter a room. Others may not affect us at all.

    We all possess presence; it can either create a positive or negative effect on others. Presence can be great or small, intense or faint, compelling or repelling. Everyone has experience of meeting someone that causes them to be nervous or make their skin crawl. Each of us also has been around people whose presence make us feel alive.

    Though presence varies widely, it is always big enough to influence our own state of being. What is the difference in presence in those that have an ability to influence others? What does it take for people to invest their time and energy in another’s purpose and follow their leadership?

    Inspirational Presence.

    Being inspired is the key factor in creating a more defined presence. People feel better being around inspired people. When inspired we produce a stronger energy field that draws people towards us, we possess a presence that is powerful and compelling. Others are stimulated to take note, to listen and be drawn to follow in the footsteps of Inspirational Leadership. Quite simply it is inspiring; it leads to transformational change.

    Leading Change.

    To be part of influencing others in transformational change, one must possess a connection with their own humanity and purpose. Inspirational leaders are authentically open to allow others to access this connection through emotional availability. Combined with a passionate purpose, there needs to be genuine enthusiasm, openness and self-confidence to inspire others and create leading change.

    “Inspirational presence is the ability to connect authentically with others; to use our thoughts, feelings and intuitions to guide action toward our deepest sense of personal mission”.

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