It’s All about Emotion


    The key for leaders is that every group, at a deep and subconscious level, is looking for the person in that group who is the emotional leader and who will provide group direction and guidance.

    If there is a social hierarchy at play, those patterns help the group attune to a person more quickly and consistently. For instance, if the group knows that a particular person is “in charge”, the individuals tend to look first to that person for leadership signals before they look elsewhere.

    In the absence of clear leadership signals, the group will move to any strong emotion that feels compelling.

    Stand Up and Lead

    As we talk about leadership, it becomes increasingly clear that the emotional state of a leader is absolutely critical. You as an inspirational leader have a clear choice. Whoever is the formal leader of a group either can lead it-or watch it be led.

    Leaders with positive emotion produce the best results. It is clear from the research on emotions and leadership in the workplace that positive moods have a positive correlation to productivity and job performance.

    Get your own emotions right first. Because when we have felt great, we’ve noticed that all of our tasks seem to be easier and faster.

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