It’s Contagious


    It”s possible to pick up a cold from those around you. It’s also possible to pick up inspiration and many other positive attributes from your colleagues. If you”re an inspirational leader you can spread the good word almost everywhere you go. But person to person is by far the most effective method of operation.

    If we go to a comedy club and sit in a room full of people who are laughing, the show likely will seem uproariously funny. If we were to watch the same routine on television, however, we probably would not have the same response because we would be missing the group experience of shared emotion.

    Spread the Inspiration

    The people around an inspirational leader pick up the leader”s energy and literally begin to feel the inspiration as well. They start to respond and move their energy in a like direction and look to their “emotional leader” as a bellwether for what is important on the horizon and how to respond to situations in the here and now.

    When we move into the same physical space and share emotional experiences, we see the effects of contagion. Inspiration becomes contagious meaning you can do a power of good for your colleagues.

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