Leading Globally

    The concept of Global Business has improved greatly from the early 1990’s when we were discovering the proper etiquette of communicating with different cultures. Many businesses now boast the term global in their business descriptions. From our global interactions, we now recognize that creating and sustaining global relations requires more understanding than knowing about cultural norms and appropriate manners. A focus is needed to understand basic aspects of humanity.

    An apparent issue of working on a global scale is that of time differences resulting in being open for business around the clock. Difficulties lie in global leadership when one has to work from 4am to midnight with the same resources as when their organization consisted of fewer time zones. There are a lot more holidays to consider and much more organization required just to schedule a phone conversation.
    There are far greater difficulties in controlling and being physically connected to an operation on a global scare. Leaders are effective, vastly by their personal influence, which is reduced by the communication medium of phones and emails.

    The global business process environment has created great change across the globe, creating cultural relationships more quickly than has occurred through political connections. It is a gateway into new opportunities of overall global relationships. Global business interactions have allowed the distribution of wealth and influence around the world. If we live in an ‘and’ world, whereby we consider how our decisions affect us and affect others globally, we create win-win situations.

    Global leaders must look at options that produce the best results for the most amounts of people, the best results for our world. Global leaders of transformational change play a huge role in creating these conditions. I urge leaders who lead globally as well as leaders of global enterprises to undertake these necessary actions to create a better world for all.

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