Learn How to Lead


    Leading is a skill like many others and can be taught. Group skills are essential to overall leadership ability, but the basis is in the individual, with who you are as a person and where you want to go.

    The act of leadership is a combination of skills and unique worldviews that combine to allow leaders the flexibility to create new conditions, to move the hearts and minds of others, and to manifest reality that would not have emerged otherwise.

    How Did Great Leaders Lead?

    Many were simply following their own passion. That, in itself, is a fundamental part of leadership-the piece that begins at home, deep in the soul of the creator. That is the part that cannot be falsified. It is true passion.

    The ability to lead yourself and follow your own passion is still the starting point. And the whole process has a humble beginning. Leadership Starts at home-who are you and where are you going?

    You can fully put your love, light, and humanity into whatever situation you encounter or you can go out and create your own life. Ideally, a leadership journey would involve a combination of the two.

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