Learning to Lead


    Though leadership development has many different approaches, the fundamentals lie in the individual’s personal qualities and direction it wants to take, whilst also making use of the groups skills. True leadership is the combining of these skills and worldviews to create a new reality that may not otherwise occur. These leaders inspire, with their passion and presence, the hearts and minds of others.

    A true leader is interested in following his passion and is not concerned about following in the paths of others. This is evident in artists, explorers, scientists and musicians, all setting their direction to exhibit great leadership qualities, which created new possibilities and encouraged change by example.

    An essential aspect of leadership begins within, in the creative soul and the belief in one’s own passion, whether there is an active interest, or not, for others to follow. Passionate leadership can occur by creating new thoughts or movements that others are inspired to adopt and those that have clear intentions for others to follow. These leaders have a burning desire to create better conditions and transformational change within other people. They are concerned about the actions and results of others.

    The ability to follow your own passion is the first step. One must also have a comprehensive understanding of group dynamics and a firm grasp on how to lead the whole organization.

    Those who are passionate about the environment and have a belief in producing clean fuels could provide two very different avenues. One could work in the lab creating new technology; another could become an activist towards creating change and a sustainable environment. Each would have different input at group level. The person working in the lab would be driven by personal passion and make use of his creative spirit towards creating new technology. Personal passion would also inspire the second person but the energy is directed towards encouraging those to use this technology.

    We need both types of passionate creative people in our world. They both tap into their personal inspiration and allow their presence to impact on those around them.

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