Mechanics of Goal Setting – Part 2

    The emotional transparency of making the goal setting public creates empathetic connections within the group. People are inspired to discover their own hidden barriers. It is a sign of strength to be aware of and work through our limiting conditions. It is through owning them that we can move beyond them.

    Mentally rehearse situations of how you will experience the goal. Create scenarios with those closest to you, people you admire and those that will be affected by the goal whereby you have conversations about your achievement. Does anything negative come up? Are there any triggers to feeling apprehensive or scenes that you would rather prevent? Consider this as a treasure hunt to finding more obstacles.

    You can then begin to work on the limits discovered, building systems to deal with any fears. With this new information, picture the scene of vision achievement, look back to the present moment and instruct yourself on the best route to manifestation. Rewrite your goal now you have identified any inner issues you need to work on, creating an inspiring compelling image that is in alignment with your heart.

    The next step is to create scenarios about the best route to accomplish your goal. Be wild and creative in your thinking i.e. how would Bill Gates or Google do this? How can I do this at zero cost? Brainstorm every way you can think of and include other people, following each idea to see where it leads. Find multiple paths and assume that it will all flow freely and effortlessly. Each time you ask a question, it opens your brain circuitry to possibilities outside of your normal processing and creates endless rich possibilities.

    Then expand your resources:

    • Who will be involved?
    • Who will accomplish the steps?
    • How will people close to you be impacted?
    • What support do you need from others in order to accomplish this?

    As we ask questions, we expand our level of consciousness generating the energy to carry us towards our vision. Constantly fan the flames of inspiration to create positive energy towards your goal.

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