New Leaders


    Our changing and expanding world needs many things not least of which is a re-invigorated leadership. As a new leader you require clearly defined attributes and you must:
    – be far more comfortable with ambiguity and with leading through influence
    – be fluent in the language of humanity, in the universal connections of heart and spirit
    – connect through rapport rather than positional power
    – understand the art of inspiration, which breaks the reliance on motivation used for so long in Western culture and
    – understand systems and organizations, rather than organization charts and policies

    You can definitely become one of these leaders. Inspirational Presence by Dr. Jeff Evans clearly shows you the path to becoming a new and dynamic leader.

    Leaders Are Pioneers

    As a new leader you must start now. And that’s not all. You will:

    – be forced to lead from a place of global and enterprise thinking
    – have to rely on people with whom you do not relate culturally and who have different economic values and principles
    – share a common sense of direction, purpose, and global identity
    – experience a connectedness that transcends these differences

    The Times Today Have Changed

    In this world, the rule-based leadership in use for the last hundred years or so is becoming less and less relevant. Our planet is on the verge of massive change that demands global thinking.

    Give yourself the boost you need. Transform your leadership team who in turn will transform your business. Training sessions are dynamic with the EGL Group -

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