Organizational Leadership

    When you are clear about your passion, purpose and direction in which you are going, it enables others to make informed choices to follow your direction. A fundamental aspect of leadership is creativity and self-definition. Once you have clarified your position it makes it easier to engage others by your honorable choices and inspiration. This evokes a sense of safety in others making it a desirable place to change and grow.

    Encouraging others to rally round a cause you are passionate about due to your inspired actions is different than engaging a group of people within an organization. This requires insightful understanding of how the organization holds the people as a group and how it guides collective action. To influence others in this type of setting requires you to draw on all your leading resources and abilities, all that you have discovered by effectively leading yourself and others.

    Be aware of the techniques you have learned that promote stability and change within organisations. Be fully aware of how you function as a leader, how you use the skills you have learned and how you can apply them to organisational leadership. What can you do to increase your abilities to support transformation of the whole group? Identify the most important practices of the organization that are supported and effective and build on these. Create your vision for transformation remembering honour choice and support change in others.

    Utilising the natural dynamics of people within organisations by positive empowering leadership creates inspired collective action.

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