Organization’s Readiness for Change


    There are scores of different beliefs, definitions, models, propositions, and sensing instruments related to people’s state of readiness and capacity for change. The knowledge and information are important for the stewards of change because, like the four factors above, it will significantly influence how they work with a change situation. If you really believe that change in organizations is a learning journey, it is as important for the people to learn firsthand about themselves and their system as it is for stewards of change, to have the information to use strategically.

    On your best judgments about the relative magnitude of the components, you can plan interventions that will be most helpful in supporting a valuable change initiative and then determine which interventions might be a waste of time and resources. For example, say people’s dissatisfaction with the status quo is relatively high, but that their vision of a better world is limited. In this case, it would probably be more productive to put your resources into validating their concerns and exploring what others have done, rather than into emphasizing the problems they face and asking executives to give speeches about the urgency of the situation.

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