Personal Change


    With your vision, in any move towards action there will be personal change.

    It is common for people to feel that they can only practice the change after they have accomplished it. A great example of this is when adults learn new languages.

    To be successful, people need to learn by rote. The popular adage “Fake it ’til you make it” really applies here. We take on what we can learn about the vision state and adopt that right away, and we anchor our ability to use that over and over.

    Tips to make that personal change

    There are many ways that we can accomplish this. One major success strategy is to model others who have taken the same journey. If we want to be a writer, we look at how other successful writers have led their lives.

    We see how they have spent their time and the activities that they found important; then we see if we can build our own life to follow suit.

    The key is to stay positive. This allows the actions to come from a place of integrity and keeps you in the activity long enough for your system to adapt to the change.

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