Personal Growth is Personal


    Personal growth is often defined as the ability to reach out and claim parts of ourselves that have been previously ignored-or worse, hated and ignored. We often undervalue or even disavow personal traits simply because they remind us of someone, something, or sometime that is unpleasant to us.

    It can be because we never felt confident in a particular area, or we were so focused in one area that we thought the other was a waste of time and energy.

    Personal growth involves being able to transcend feelings of competitiveness or exclusion and work from a place of inclusion, where we can integrate a large variety of seemingly different groups of people and help them achieve mutual success.

    You develop this ability by first learning how to integrate all parts of yourself.

    Boost your personal growth

    When you begin taking on your own lifestyle and engagement process with the world, you begin to learn how to create transformations.

    This is the essence of transformation leadership-learning how to take the smallest situation and transform it into a more positive, aligned, and affirming experience for yourself.

    Personal growth is vital and you can control its development.

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