Psychological Contract for Change

    People require leaders with which they can have deep and meaningful connections, leaders they can trust and lean on for emotional support. They want an opportunity to be part of the whole process of change. People also have a need for security, knowing their leader is following a sound plan travelling in the right direction. It is important to them to feel they have a choice and are valued contributors to the shared mission.

    This can sometimes be confusing as opposing issues can surface. They crave the comfort of dependence on someone else to take control of the situation and yet if their own independence is threatened their fight or flight process is ignited creating counter dependent relations with the leader.

    This can happen more readily if a leader adopts the controlling methods of leadership, which people generally do not desire. The seek inspiration from their leader, a real belief for their leaders passion and commitment, who cares as much for the whole group as he does himself. These leaders are assertive but not aggressive in their approach, they remain quietly strong in their capabilities. In being confident and self-driven, a leader of change encourages others to follow without force or command. Transformational leaders are aware that the journey is as important as the destination and believes in teamwork.

    As part of the psychological contract with their leader, people want trust in his integrity of the whole system, his responsibility of holding it all together and recognition for each member. They want to see him actively commit to the entire group’s safety as they embrace change. A good leader is empathetic, aware of the fear involved in creating change and works on creating an environment that induces relaxation and connection to their creative states.

    When a leader creates psychological safety, the people have the opportunity to reduce their perceived costs, safely examine their current beliefs, take risks and instigate transformational change.

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