Safety Nets For People Affected By Change



    You must understand what people in the organization feel may happen to them. In some organizations, the risk may be loss of a current promotional path, loss of personal power, loss of a preferred role, or even loss of employment. For each of these cases, energy for change can be liberated by setting up safety nets.

    Many common structural safety nets exist in today’s organizations. These may take the form of resources for relocation, retraining, or re-skilling. These are all necessary for many of the possible outcomes of change. Often the greatest personal risk people perceive is having no control over their lives. One of the most powerful safety nets is simply getting people to engage in the change and take part in co-creating the future. One less obvious safety net is a forum to talk about what is going on and to create a sense of community. This can be done both at an individual and at a group level. Create ways for people to communicate with others about what is important to them.

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