Saying Yes and No


    The way we use yes or no can determine the outcome of many projects we engage in through life.

    We need to send very clear messages to ourselves and to the universe as to what we really want and deserve. It is a clear and simple act to say yes to these things in life.

    Whatever we say yes to in life, we get more of it.

    Part of the art of leadership is beginning to understand the things to which you are saying yes and how you are saying it.

    ‘No’ is not always good

    Often people talk a lot about what they don’t want and how they are going to get rid of it. That is very important and is, in fact, a prerequisite to be able to attain anything.

    We want to get as much of the good stuff in life as we can while avoiding as much of the bad stuff.

    This actually focuses your attention on the negative condition and increases the likelihood that you will get more of it. We talk about this, in simple terms, as writing a goal in toward language rather than away from.

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