Spiritual Development for Leaders: Compassion & Connecting to a Higher Source

    To become an effective leader of change it is imperative to understand what people are feeling. Compassion is exercising an intention to improve conditions for others; it is putting empathy into action. Leaders use their inspiring energy to help others to move from a lack of self-confidence or place of fear into positive action. Leaders are constantly aware of all opportunities to assist others towards the shared vision.

    Transformational leaders living through inspirational presence have tapped into the unlimited source of spirit, which fuel them. They use this power to help everyone, even those whom they may not particularly be connected to or who may have wronged them.

    We extend compassion to everyone we encounter, those who do business with us and those who choose not to, to our competitors and our entire planet. We are always looking for opportunities to practice compassion and through this, people learn to trust and depend on us to lead with positive energy on every stage of the journey.

    To experience empathy towards others, we as leaders must remain in touch with our own feelings; we must practice compassion for ourselves. This means a total lack of judgement, even in areas we fell we need to improve, even when we feel we are failing in some aspect, maybe especially then. This teaches us the true art of compassion and how to extend it to everyone around us. This frees us from habitual thought patterns of judgment and criticism and allows our energy to be guided towards creativity and our higher purpose.

    Excellent leaders are those who are deeply connected to their inner guide, to the eternal wisdom within. Whatever our beliefs we recognise that we are more than our minds, there is a higher consciousness at play and this is where inspiration arises. We can get in touch with this consciousness when our minds are still. When leaders are connected to this unlimited source of strength and wisdom, when they truly feel the link between spirit and humanity, they emerge as outstanding leaders.

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