Three Survival Elements For An Enterprise to Survive and Prosper With Strategic Planning


    An enterprise needs the following three survival elements in order to survive and prosper.  These business planning strategies consist of money, loyal customers, and dedicated people. These three elements are important in any business development.

    Money -Money comes from business profits and investors who believe in that profitability.

    Loyal Customers – Loyal customers come from the reliable delivery of quality products and services produced by its operations.  Loyal customers are important because these are the people that are buying the products, services, or goods.  These are the people that will share their experiences with their friends, family, and anyone that will listen.  They are also returning customers that will give you repeat business.

    Dedicated people – Dedicated people come from the opportunity to have a high quality of work life.  Having dedicated people in your enterprise is important because these people are loyal, have integrity, and offer a strong feeling of support within the business.   These are the people that are committed to their work and the enterprise.   They show their appreciation to their employers, customers, and coworkers.    Just as the customers are important, a dedicated worker is one of the most valuable assists to any company, as well.

    Attracting a Motivated Workforce

    Over the long run, none of these three areas (business needs, operations needs, people needs) can be optimized at the expense of the others. For high performance, every capital investment, structural design, and the operating decision has to embody a joint optimization of business opportunities, process effectiveness, and the quality of work-life required to attract a motivated workforce.  It is imperative to attract a motivated workforce because it is the key to success for any business.   If people within the workforce are happy they are driven to work harder. They will be more creative, and they will be less stressed.  A positive working environment is beneficial for the business and people that are working within the business.  This is beneficial to any successful business.

    In conclusion, this is why successful businesses need these three survival elements for an enterprise to survive and prosper when creating organizational development and organizational design.


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