Take Control


    Being an inspirational leader requires self-discipline. You can control how you behave by always aiming to grow into that person you want to be. But how?

    It simply requires noticing what is going through your mind and deciding whether that is the most appropriate view of the world at the time. You decide whether your behaviors match the current situation. You determine the energy that you want to put into the world.

    In every given moment, you have the option of seeing the world through a loving and trusting lens or through one of fear and doubt. In every action you take, you have the choice of creating positive and creative situations or negative and destructive ones.

    Rehearse your future

    How you behave tomorrow can be determined by how you behave today. Once you become mindful of how you talk to yourself, you can understand that those words and emotions are a rehearsal for how you will talk to others.

    Once you become mindful of the habitual stories you tell yourself about the world (your personal mythology), you become mindful of how those stories become a guide for your interactions and the explanations you place on the world.

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