The Power of Saying ‘And’

    Prioritization is usually associated with the need to make a choice, to select one thing over another, allowing one option to remain uncompleted, at least temporarily. When we think of choosing priorities, it can lead to thoughts of sacrificing something we would like to do over something we feel we must do.

    Leaders are often required to prioritize, to make difficult choices and be selective in which actions to take. While this is important and utilizes the skill of discernment, it can often become a commonplace leadership style. Because we are globally connected, each action we take has a knock-on effect in other groups. It is very important as a leader, to contemplate how thoughts affect others and take into consideration collective group consciousness enabling success among all interconnecting groups.

    The way to utilize the power of saying and is to ask questions which include this influential word.

    • How do I reduce market costs and maintain all current staff?
    • How do we produce sufficient energy and maintain a clean planet?
    • How do we create solid communities and create global awareness?

    In each of our businesses, we need to be aware of the important ands to consider. We are now aware of our global connection and it is not sufficient any longer to hide out in a corner of the world deliberating only over our own particular affairs. We need to understand, identify and relate to multiple groups and preserve all perspectives in our interconnected globe. This is one of our most important ands.

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