The Two Main Constituents Of Leadership Presence

    The two main constituents of leadership presence. Your presence as a leader will determine how successful you will be in the performance of your leadership duties. The presence that a person has over a group of people is very essential if such an individual wish to attain greatness in the realm of leadership.  The ability of an individual to be very open in all his or her dealings with members of the group is what constitutes his or her leadership presence. It includes a whole lot of other essential personal traits that come together to work towards creating a very influential presence for the particular individual who has been given the mantle to lead. There are people who are seen as being very charismatic but those people are seen as being totally different from a leader with a presence.

    The manner in which an individual carries him or herself is what allows other members of the group to have confidence in what he or she is doing and as such following his or her lead. Every leader is expected to have some kind of knowledge about the two main components of leadership presence. These are what this article seeks to talk about.

    A palpable presenceThis is mainly concerned with the development of one’s emotions as a leader. Seeking to be recognized as a leader implies that you need to be emotionally intelligent so as to be able to handle all the various emotions that will be on display on a daily basis as you seek to lead a group of people towards achieving the desired goals of the group. A leader who does not have any clear idea about how to properly handle his or her emotions and that of each and every member of the organization is not the right person to be in charge of the group. The way that you control and manage your emotions and let them carry you towards the achievement of the goals of the group and how you also show deep emotional care and concern about the day to day activities of each of your members is a sure way to developing a very unique leadership presence. Such a leadership presence is what draws people closer to you and makes them enjoy being in your company as they become very confident in all the things that you do and have faith that you do care very much about their welfare. Showing care, concern, and support emotionally to each and every member of your group is the best way that you can let them know that you are very intelligent when it comes to matters relating to the emotions of people that you are leading.

    Inspirational presence: This is the kind of presence that a leader creates with his or her commitment to the course of the group. A leader with an inspirational presence has the ability to get people to strive towards the attainment of a goal that he or she has already started. People feel attracted to such a leader and can also feel a sense of strong connection to him or her and the target that he or she has set forth to achieve. Each and every member of this particular group can identify with the vision of the leader and they all share that vision with him or her without necessarily being ordered or told to do so. Such a leader has the ability to intrinsically motivate each and every member of the group with his or her mere presence and they are all willing to push on until their objectives are all realized. 

    As a leader, it is a very necessary thing for you to have both kinds of presence in order to succeed in the role that you have taken upon yourself. There is no way that one can bring you success without the existence of the other. Followers are always on the lookout for the existence of the two kinds of presence in a leader before choosing to follow him or her. This is due to the fact that a leader with just one of the components will always be found wanting when it comes to displaying his or her knowledge about the other. Showing how emotionally intelligent you are and how committed you are towards the attainment of the objectives of the group helps you to convince people with your presentation without having to order them about.

    At this point, you have learned of the two main constituents of leadership presence and how they each depend on the other in order to become successful as a leader.

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