There are Leaders and There are Leaders


    For many there is little if any difference between leaders. Not so. In truth, a sustainable organization is built through a shared intention of a group of people, not the control actions of one. This comes through the people’s collective choice to follow the passion of its leadership, whether one person or many.

    The key word here is sustainable. If you wish your business to truly prosper, a willing follower attracted by the passion of their leader is the ideal and only choice. Power games are self-defeating.

    Leaders Please Note

    The most compelling and constructive leadership for groups comes through calm, assertive, and deeply inspired direction. One does not need to use power to lead a group but will use whatever power is available toward an external mission.

    When you lead from a place of inspiration, people will naturally gravitate toward you. Your ability to sustain that passion and maintain your direction will keep them with you.

    Dynamic leadership starts from a place of solid personal inspiration. It is about the power of purpose-of passion-and it leads to an engaging style of personal connection.

    Leaders who come from a place of inspirational presence have an effect on groups that stimulates their creativity, opens their sense of vision, and expands their thinking.

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