Tips on Setting Goals


    There are certain steps which successful people have taken and been shown to work.

    The first thing we have to do is to get clear about what it is that we want. Many of us are unaccustomed to being able to say what it is that we want, let alone when, how, and how much of it we plan to get.

    We are all asking for exactly what we are getting and most times do not realize it. Part of the asking process is clarifying the things to which we are saying yes and ensuring that we are saying no to the things that do not fit.

    The beauty of goal setting is that it provides an opportunity to clarify our vision in active and direct means. Our goal should fulfill some part of our desired state and allow us to live more directly in alignment with our vision.

    How big can you make your goals?

    It is often worthwhile to expand things to levels that you feel may be just short of impossible, and then think about how they might actually be achievable if certain conditions also existed. Think about making the biggest impact, the most positive result in the world. Goals should be the most worthy of spending your precious time and energy to accomplish.

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