Create your Own Success


    It’s quite simple. What you expect to happen often does. If you anticipate failure, it happens. If you are positive and expect success your chances of being successful improve and improve immensely.

    Intention is defined as “an anticipated outcome that guides your planned actions.”

    Many people don’t realize how much this plays out on a daily basis. For instance, how often have you seen a person (maybe yourself) walk into a situation expecting a negative outcome? Result? A negative outcome.

    The law of attraction

    This states that whatever we think about, believe, and focus our energy on is what we create for our lives-and it is important in our daily practice of life to know how to use this law.

    We get to be a leader when we add the power of our own dynamic presence, when we see the highest possible anticipated outcome and use ourselves in the moment to create that outcome.

    This is when we transform a passive wish into a clear intention.

    It is really a question of consciousness and choice. As a leader, it is a requirement that we get very clear about the anticipated outcomes that we are carrying around.

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