Transformational Leaders Have Vision


    We read about great leaders. We often read that they “have vision”. But what is vision and how can it be used to change our own life and that of our colleagues?

    In order to create transformation through inspiration, we begin to understand that vision transcends representational system and time. And for the leader it is vitally important to comprehend the nuances of vision.

    To create positive change a leader must be able to see where he or she is going. But it’s not just having a vision; it is bringing it to reality.

    Different ways to describe the word ‘vision’

    It can be in terms of money. In can be in terms of quality or in terms of recognition. How good is your product or service? What type of recognition do you wish for?

    It can be a vision in which reputation is highly sought after. Most of us have a vision of a quality and enviable reputation. Your vision can be of the environment even on a global scale or a less widespread but equally important vision connected to your community.

    A vision can also be associated with a lifestyle. But whatever the nuance or specifics, a vision is vital for a transformational leader

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