Understanding The Involvement Of New People In Organizational Change

    When organizational change occurs within an organization, there is typically some amount of job shuffling after a major change effort.  Understanding the involvement of new people.

    Change Management Plan

    Organizational change takes place when a company makes a transition from its current state to a future state they have in mind.  

    Overseeing organizational change is the process of planning and implementing change in organizations in such a manner that will minimize employee resistance and cost to the organization while concurrently maximizing the effectiveness of the change effort.  The changes that are made may be minor changes.   

    Making these changes is not always a negative thing.  These changes can be made to improve the business.  Many businesses undergo changes in order to keep up with their competitors.  It is all apart of being in business.  


    Leadership in business is the capacity of a company’s management to set and achieve challenging goals, take fast and decisive action when needed, outperform the competition, and inspire others to perform at the highest level they can.

    Avoid turning the effort into a major staffing exercise now with the intent of getting the “right people” to enable the change. Bringing in new people at this point is both a limiter and a liberator.

    • Liberators (those basically positive people who will bring energized enthusiasm and innovation to any project – especially those initiatives that will make your business hugely successful) and
    • Limiters (the fundamentally negative team members who will hold you back for any number of reasons – fear, jealousy, a belief that the universe is essentially a hostile place, etc.).


    Understanding New People In The Organization

    Understanding the involvement of new people within your organization is important because their direct participation will assist in the organization reaching its goals.  Employees use their expertise, innovative ideas and knowledge to contribute in whatever way they can. Leadership and the employees are responsible for the growth of the company.  



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