Vision As A Guide For Today

    Vision as a guide for today. More often than not, within organizations, a carefully formulated vision is created and subsequently posted in all the appropriate publications. It even appears on the walls of headquarters. This is understood to be good management practice but defeats the purpose of a vision if the appropriate and necessary actions are not undertaken. Visions remain a desire only if you continue to live with your current state.

    Transformational leaders use mental management to create the changes required to realize the vision. Aspects of the vision must be applied to the present state and choices have to be made to behave in ways that align with the vision. When you apply daily changes, this will guide towards further actions required until the goal is accomplished.

    The kinaesthetic aspect of personal management is of utmost importance to a fully represented vision. Leaders of change encourage people to feel the desired state of being in the vision, which of course is a positive emotion. When people use creative imagination, they readily choose happiness, success, and feelings of stability. Practice aligning your internal state with your vision every day at every moment possible as if it has already begun. It is helpful to align your external environment also. For example, if you view your future as full of light and airy workspaces, create that in your current workspace as much as possible, add lamps, brighter light bulbs or put in an extra window. All steps, whether small or large are huge advancements on the way to full accomplishment.

    The best transformational leaders act as if their vision is already achieved, the change has taken place and there are just some slower elements currently catching up. There is added energy in “here and now” than there is in “there and then”.

    Use vision as a guide for today.

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