We All Have Presence


    Meeting someone for the first time triggers a response. It is that person’s presence. Presence is that portion of another human being that you sense without consciously trying to do so. This presence can be small or large, compelling or repelling, indefinite yet palpable; it is the basis of connection between human beings. Each of us has presence, and that presence can be sensed by others around us.

    What is your presence? If it’s inspirational you are well-placed to lead. Do you wish to be an inspirational leader? Fine then first create a positive presence.

    Make Your Presence Count

    Presence, by itself, can be either positive or negative in its effect on others. When we become inspired, our presence becomes more pronounced. Our energy field gets stronger, and our impact on others is more positive.

    It feels better to be around inspired people than around people who are not. There is smoothness to their energy that compels us to stop, take notice, and listen.

    To begin to influence others at a personal level, we must have a connection with our own humanity and purpose and allow that connection to be accessed by others. We need a presence that is powerful and compelling. Grow that presence.

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